Class AnalyticsIntegratorContext


public class AnalyticsIntegratorContext extends IntegrationContext
AnalyticsIntegratorContext is the context for cataloging metadata from an analytics tool.
  • Constructor Details

    • AnalyticsIntegratorContext

      public AnalyticsIntegratorContext(String connectorId, String connectorName, String connectorUserId, String serverName, OpenIntegrationClient openIntegrationClient, OpenMetadataClient openMetadataStoreClient, boolean generateIntegrationReport, PermittedSynchronization permittedSynchronization, String integrationConnectorGUID, String externalSourceGUID, String externalSourceName, int maxPageSize)
      Create a new client with no authentication embedded in the HTTP request.
      connectorId - unique identifier of the connector (used to configure the event listener)
      connectorName - name of connector from config
      connectorUserId - userId for the connector
      serverName - name of the integration daemon
      openIntegrationClient - client for calling the metadata server
      openMetadataStoreClient - client for calling the metadata server
      generateIntegrationReport - should the connector generate an integration reports?
      permittedSynchronization - the direction of integration permitted by the integration connector
      integrationConnectorGUID - unique identifier for the integration connector if it is started via an integration group (otherwise it is null).
      externalSourceGUID - unique identifier of the software server capability for the api manager
      externalSourceName - unique name of the software server capability for the api manager
      maxPageSize - max number of elements that can be returned on a query
  • Method Details

    • setAnalyticsToolIsHome

      public void setAnalyticsToolIsHome(boolean analyticsToolIsHome)
      Set up the flag that controls the ownership of metadata created for this Analytics Tool. Default is true.
      analyticsToolIsHome - should the topic metadata be marked as owned by the analytics tool so others can not update?