public class OMRSArchiveManager extends Object
OMRSArchiveManager manages the loading and unloading of open metadata archives from the local OMRS repository. An open metadata archive provides pre-built definitions for types and metadata instances.
  • Constructor Details

    • OMRSArchiveManager

      public OMRSArchiveManager(List<OpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnector> startUpOpenMetadataArchives, AuditLog auditLog)
      Constructor to save the initial list of open metadata archives from the server startup configuration. These will be processed as soon as the event processors are supplied from the local repository.
      startUpOpenMetadataArchives - initial list of open metadata archives provided in startup configuration
      auditLog - audit log for this component.
  • Method Details

    • close

      public void close()
      Close down any open archives.
    • setLocalRepository

      public void setLocalRepository(String localMetadataCollectionId, OMRSRepositoryContentManager repositoryContentManager, LocalOMRSInstanceEventProcessor instanceProcessor) throws RepositoryErrorException
      The local repository is accessed through its inbound event processors. A server will always have the local Content Manager and TypeDef Processor but the local Instance Processor is only available if the local server has a metadata repository defined.
      localMetadataCollectionId - unique identifier of the local repository
      repositoryContentManager - typeDef processor for the local repository
      instanceProcessor - instance processor for the local repository
      RepositoryErrorException - there is a problem accessing the archive
    • addOpenMetadataArchive

      public void addOpenMetadataArchive(OpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnector archiveStore, String archiveSource) throws RepositoryErrorException
      Add a new archive to the local repository. If there are problems processing the archive, an exception is thrown. This method allows archives to be loaded into a running server.
      archiveStore - new open metadata archive to process
      archiveSource - source of the archive
      RepositoryErrorException - there is a problem accessing the archive