Class OMRSAuditLogDestination


public class OMRSAuditLogDestination extends AuditLogDestination
OMRSAuditLogDestination provides information needed to log records to the configured audit log destinations for a specific server instance.
  • Constructor Details

    • OMRSAuditLogDestination

      public OMRSAuditLogDestination(String localServerName, String localServerType, String localOrganizationName, List<OMRSAuditLogStore> auditLogStores)
      Initialize the static values used in all log records. These values help to pinpoint the source of messages when audit log records from many servers are consolidated into centralized operational tooling.
      localServerName - name of the local server
      localServerType - type of the local server
      localOrganizationName - name of the organization that owns the local server
      auditLogStores - list of destinations for the audit log records
  • Method Details

    • setLocalMetadataCollectionId

      public void setLocalMetadataCollectionId(String localMetadataCollectionId)
      Set up the local metadata collection id. This is null if there is no local repository.
      localMetadataCollectionId - String unique identifier for the metadata collection
    • addLogRecord

      public void addLogRecord(AuditLogRecord logRecord)
      Log an audit log record for an event, decision, error, or exception detected by the open metadata services.
      Specified by:
      addLogRecord in class AuditLogDestination
      logRecord - the log record