Package org.odpi.openmetadata.repositoryservices.auditlog

package org.odpi.openmetadata.repositoryservices.auditlog
  • Class
    OMRSAuditingComponent provides identifying and background information about the many of the core components writing log records to the OMRS Audit log.
    OMRSAuditLog is a class for managing the audit logging of activity for the OMAG components.
    OMRSAuditLogDestination provides information needed to log records to the configured audit log destinations for a specific server instance.
    OMRSAuditLogDestinationReport is a container for properties about the logging destinations supported by this audit log.
    OMRSAuditLogRecordSeverity defines the different levels of severity for log records stored in the OMRSAuditLogRecord.
    OMRSAuditLogReport is a structure that describes the properties of the audit log running in a server.
    AuditLogReportSeverity provides information about the different types of severities defined for the audit log.
    OMRSAuditLogStoreReport is a bean to describe one of the audit log store connectors registered with a server.