public class ClassificationDifferences extends Differences
Capture the differences between classification instances. These differences are calculated irrespective of the ordering of the classification lists, and differences are based on the names of the classifications (assuming that a classification with a given name can only exist once on a given entity instance). Note that differences in instance properties within each classification are not explicitly captured here. If you need this level of detail captured on differences, simply:
  1. Use the getLeft() and getRight() methods to retrieve the differing classifications from this object.
  2. Instantiate your own InstancePropertiesDifferences object.
  3. Call the check() method of the InstancePropertiesDifferences object, passing in the getProperties() result from both the left and right objects retrieved in the first step.
  4. The InstancePropertiesDifferences object will then contain the detailed instance properties differences between just those two differing classifications.
  • Constructor Details

    • ClassificationDifferences

      public ClassificationDifferences()
      Construct a new set of differences between two instance's classifications.
  • Method Details

    • check

      public void check(EntitySummary left, EntitySummary right)
      Determine if there is a difference in classifications between the provided EntitySummary objects, and capture each of the differences and similarities. Note that this will check for differences between the classifications irrespective of their ordering in each list, as this is presumably the desired behavior.
      left - the first instance to compare
      right - the second instance to compare