Class EnterpriseOMRSConnectorProvider

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public class EnterpriseOMRSConnectorProvider extends OMRSRepositoryConnectorProviderBase
In the Open Connector Framework (OCF), a ConnectorProvider is a factory for a specific type of connector. The EnterpriseOMRSConnectorProvider is the connector provider for the EnterpriseOMRSRepositoryConnector. It will return new instances of the EnterpriseOMRSRepositoryConnector as long as it is configured with the connector manager. This should happen at server startup, which means the exception due to a lack of connector manager are unexpected.
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    • EnterpriseOMRSConnectorProvider

      public EnterpriseOMRSConnectorProvider(OMRSConnectorManager connectorManager, OMRSRepositoryContentManager repositoryContentManager, String localServerName, String localServerType, String owningOrganizationName, OMRSAuditLog auditLog, String enterpriseMetadataCollectionId, String enterpriseMetadataCollectionName, String localMetadataCollectionId)
      Set up the connector provider. This call is used to control whether the EnterpriseOMRSConnectorProvider produces connectors or not. An EnterpriseOMRSRepositoryConnector needs the connector manager to maintain the list of connectors to the repositories in the cohort.
      connectorManager - manager of the list of connectors to remote repositories.
      repositoryContentManager - manager of lists of active and known types with associated helper methods
      localServerName - name of the local server for this connection.
      localServerType - type of the local server.
      owningOrganizationName - name of the organization the owns the remote server.
      auditLog - audit log for connectors.
      enterpriseMetadataCollectionId - unique identifier for the combined metadata collection covered by the connected open metadata repositories.
      enterpriseMetadataCollectionName - name of the combined metadata collection covered by the connected open metadata repositories. Used for messages.
      localMetadataCollectionId - metadata collection id of local repository
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