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Direct Known Subclasses:
GetEntityDetailExecutor, GetEntitySummaryExecutor

public abstract class GetEntityExecutor extends RepositoryExecutorBase
GetEntityExecutor provides the common base executor for the getEntityXXX methods. It is focused on managing the classifications. Its subtypes manage the entity summary or entity detail.
  • Field Details

    • entityGUID

      protected String entityGUID
  • Constructor Details

    • GetEntityExecutor

      public GetEntityExecutor(String userId, String entityGUID, ClassificationAccumulator accumulator, String methodName)
      Constructor takes the parameters for the request.
      userId - unique identifier for requesting user
      entityGUID - unique identifier (guid) for the entity
      accumulator - for the request
      methodName - calling method
  • Method Details

    • getResultsForAugmentation

      public List<String> getResultsForAugmentation()
      Return the results that need further augmentation.
      null (if no augmentation of results is required) or a list containing the guids of the results.
    • augmentResultFromRepository

      public void augmentResultFromRepository(String resultGUID, String metadataCollectionId, OMRSMetadataCollection metadataCollection)
      Perform the required action to augment a result by calling a specific repository.
      resultGUID - unique identifier of result.
      metadataCollectionId - identifier for the metadata collection
      metadataCollection - metadata collection object for the repository
    • getHomeClassifications

      protected void getHomeClassifications(OMRSMetadataCollection metadataCollection)
      Retrieve the home classifications from the repository.
      metadataCollection - repository to issue request to