All Implemented Interfaces:
OMRSTopicListener, OMRSTopicRepositoryEventListener

public class OMRSEventListener extends Object implements OMRSTopicListener

The OMRSEventListener manages inbound events from the metadata repository cohort. There are two main groups of events: registration events that are handled by the OMRSCohortRegistry and metadata events that describe changes to TypeDefs and metadata instances. The metadata events are handled by the local connector.

The role of the OMRSEventListener is to decide which events to process. This is controlled by the synchronization rule passed on the constructor.

  • Constructor Details

    • OMRSEventListener

      public OMRSEventListener(String cohortName, String localMetadataCollectionId, OMRSRegistryEventProcessor registryEventProcessor, OMRSRepositoryEventProcessor repositoryEventProcessor, OpenMetadataEventsSecurity securityVerifier, AuditLog auditLog)
      Default Constructor saves configuration parameters.
      cohortName - name of the cohort that this event listener belongs to
      localMetadataCollectionId - unique identifier for the local metadata collection
      registryEventProcessor - processor for registry events
      repositoryEventProcessor - processor for TypeDef and Instance synchronization events
      securityVerifier - new security verifier
      auditLog - audit log for this component.
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