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IBM Information Server Connectors

Egeria proxy connectors for modules of IBM Information Server.

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Client libraries

Java client libraries for interacting with the REST APIs of both IBM Information Governance Catalog and IBM Information Analyzer. Neither has any dependency on Egeria, so could be used for other custom integration projects; they are used as the base mechanism through which the Egeria adapters integrate with IBM Information Server.

IGC Adapter

Repository proxy adapter to connect IBM Information Governance Catalog with an Egeria cohort. The adapter is built to be extensible, so if you have your own custom OpenIGC objects or attributes you want to include you can simply implement the additional logic by extending the base adapter (no need to fork and directly modify the existing code).

DataStage Adapter

Data engine proxy adapter to connect IBM DataStage with Egeria via its data engine OMAS. This allows you to integrate DataStage's lineage information with a broader end-to-end data processing landscape through Egeria's Open Lineage Services.

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