Interface AssetReviewInterface

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      java.util.List<AssetElement> findAssets​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String searchString, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Return a list of assets with the requested search string in their name, qualified name or description.
      AssetUniverse getAssetProperties​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String assetGUID)
      Return everything that is known about the asset
      java.util.List<AssetElement> getAssetsByName​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String name, int startFrom, int pageSize)
      Return a list of assets with the requested name.
      AssetElement getAssetSummary​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String assetGUID)
      Return the basic attributes of an asset.
      Connector getConnectorToAsset​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String assetGUID)
      Return a connector for the asset to enable the calling user to access the content.
      java.util.List<DiscoveryAnalysisReport> getDiscoveryAnalysisReports​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String assetGUID, int startingFrom, int maximumResults)
      Return the discovery analysis reports about the asset.
      java.util.List<Annotation> getDiscoveryReportAnnotations​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String discoveryReportGUID, AnnotationStatus annotationStatus, int startingFrom, int maximumResults)
      Return the annotations linked directly to the report.
      java.util.List<Annotation> getExtendedAnnotations​(java.lang.String userId, java.lang.String annotationGUID, AnnotationStatus annotationStatus, int startingFrom, int maximumResults)
      Return any annotations attached to this annotation.
      java.util.List<java.lang.String> getTypesOfAnnotation​(java.lang.String userId)
      Return the annotation subtype names.
      java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> getTypesOfAnnotationWithDescriptions​(java.lang.String userId)
      Return the annotation subtype names mapped to their descriptions.