Class CertificationTypeProperties

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    public class CertificationTypeProperties
    extends GovernanceDefinitionProperties
    Many regulations and industry bodies define certifications that can confirm a level of support, capability or competence in an aspect of a digital organization's operation. Having certifications may be necessary to operating legally or may be a business advantage. The certifications awarded can be captured in the metadata repository to enable both use and management of the certification process.
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      • CertificationTypeProperties

        public CertificationTypeProperties()
        Default Constructor
      • CertificationTypeProperties

        public CertificationTypeProperties​(CertificationTypeProperties template)
        Copy/Clone Constructor
        template - object to copy
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      • getDetails

        public java.lang.String getDetails()
        Return the specific details of the certification.
        string description
      • setDetails

        public void setDetails​(java.lang.String details)
        Set up the specific details of the certification.
        details - string description
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        public boolean equals​(java.lang.Object objectToCompare)
        Compare the values of the supplied object with those stored in the current object.
        equals in class GovernanceDefinitionProperties
        objectToCompare - supplied object
        boolean result of comparison