Enum Class DirectoryBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnectorErrorCode

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<DirectoryBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnectorErrorCode>, Constable, ExceptionMessageSet

public enum DirectoryBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnectorErrorCode extends Enum<DirectoryBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnectorErrorCode> implements ExceptionMessageSet
The DirectoryBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnectorErrorCode is used to define first failure data capture (FFDC) for errors that occur within the DirectoryBasedOpenMetadataArchiveStoreConnector. It is used in conjunction with all exceptions, both Checked and Runtime (unchecked). The 5 fields in the enum are:
  • HTTP Error Code for translating between REST and JAVA. Typically the numbers used are:
    • 500: internal error
    • 501: not implemented
    • 503: Service not available
    • 400: invalid parameters
    • 401: unauthorized
    • 404: not found
    • 405: method not allowed
    • 409: data conflict errors, for example an item is already defined
  • Error Message Id: to uniquely identify the message
  • Error Message Text: includes placeholder to allow additional values to be captured
  • SystemAction: describes the result of the error
  • UserAction: describes how a user should correct the error