Class OpenMetadataAPIDummyBeanConverter<B>


public class OpenMetadataAPIDummyBeanConverter<B> extends OpenMetadataAPIGenericConverter<B>
OpenMetadataAPIGenericConverter provides the generic methods for the bean converters used to provide translation between specific Open Metadata API beans and the repository services API beans. Generic classes have limited knowledge of the classes these are working on and this means creating a new instance of a class from within a generic is a little involved. This class provides the generic method for creating and initializing an Open Metadata API bean.
  • Constructor Details

    • OpenMetadataAPIDummyBeanConverter

      public OpenMetadataAPIDummyBeanConverter(OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper, String serviceName, String serverName)
      Constructor captures the initial content
      repositoryHelper - helper object to parse entity
      serviceName - name of this component
      serverName - name of this server
  • Method Details

    • updateNewSimpleBean

      public void updateNewSimpleBean(B genericBean, EntityDetail entity, Relationship relationship)
      Extract the properties from the entity. Each API creates a specialization of this method for its beans.
      genericBean - output bean
      entity - entity containing the properties
      relationship - optional relationship containing the properties