Class PropertyIteratorBase

Direct Known Subclasses:
APIOperations, Certifications, CommentReplies, Comments, Connections, ExternalIdentifiers, ExternalReferences, InformalTags, Licenses, Likes, Locations, NoteLogs, Notes, Ratings, RelatedAssets, RelatedMediaReferences, SchemaAttributes

public abstract class PropertyIteratorBase extends PropertyBase
Base class for the iterators supporting asset universe
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  • Constructor Details

    • PropertyIteratorBase

      protected PropertyIteratorBase(int maxCacheSize)
      Typical Constructor creates an iterator with the supplied list of comments.
      maxCacheSize - maximum number of elements that should be retrieved from the property server and cached in the element list at any one time. If a number less than one is supplied, 1 is used.
    • PropertyIteratorBase

      protected PropertyIteratorBase(PropertyIteratorBase template)
      Copy/clone constructor sets up details of the parent asset from the template
      template - PropertyIteratorBase to copy
  • Method Details

    • cloneElement

      protected abstract ElementBase cloneElement(ElementBase template)
      Method implemented by a subclass that ensures the cloning process is a deep clone.
      template - object to clone
      new cloned object.
    • getCachedList

      protected abstract List<ElementBase> getCachedList(int cacheStartPointer, int maximumSize) throws PropertyServerException
      Method implemented by subclass to retrieve the next cached list of elements.
      cacheStartPointer - where to start the cache.
      maximumSize - maximum number of elements in the cache.
      list of elements corresponding to the supplied cache pointers.
      PropertyServerException - there is a problem retrieving elements from the property (metadata) server.