public class Endpoint extends Referenceable
The Endpoint describes the network information necessary for a connector to connect to the server where the Asset is accessible from. The properties for an endpoint are defined in model 0026. They include:
  • type definition of the specific metadata type for the endpoint.
  • guid Globally unique identifier for the endpoint.
  • url External link address for the endpoint properties in the metadata repository. This URL can be stored as a property in another entity to create an explicit link to this endpoint.
  • qualifiedName The official (unique) name for the endpoint. This is often defined by the IT systems management organization and should be used (when available) on audit logs and error messages.
  • displayName - A consumable name for the endpoint. Often a shortened form of the qualifiedName for use on user interfaces and messages. The displayName should be only be used for audit logs and error messages if the qualifiedName is not set.
  • description - A description for the endpoint.
  • address - The location of the asset. For network connected resources, this is typically the URL and port number (if needed) for the server where the asset is located (or at least accessible by the connector). For file-based resources, this is typically the name of the file.
  • protocol - The communication protocol that the connection should use to connect to the server.
  • encryptionMethod - Describes the encryption method to use (if any). This is an open value allowing information needed by the connector user to retrieve all the information they need to work with the endpoint.
  • additionalProperties - Any additional properties that the connector need to know in order to access the Asset.
The Endpoint class is simply used to cache the properties for an endpoint. It is used by other classes to exchange this information between a metadata repository and a consumer.
  • Field Details

    • displayName

      protected String displayName
    • description

      protected String description
    • address

      protected String address
    • protocol

      protected String protocol
    • encryptionMethod

      protected String encryptionMethod
  • Constructor Details

    • Endpoint

      public Endpoint()
      Default constructor
    • Endpoint

      public Endpoint(Endpoint templateEndpoint)
      Copy/clone constructor for an Endpoint.
      templateEndpoint - template object to copy.
  • Method Details

    • getEndpointType

      public static ElementType getEndpointType()
      Return the standard type for an endpoint.
      ElementType object
    • setDisplayName

      public void setDisplayName(String displayName)
      Set up the display name for UIs and reports.
      displayName - String name
    • getDisplayName

      public String getDisplayName()
      Returns the stored display name property for the endpoint. If no display name is available then null is returned.
    • setDescription

      public void setDescription(String description)
      Set up description of the element.
      description - String
    • getDescription

      public String getDescription()
      Return the description for the endpoint.
      String description
    • setAddress

      public void setAddress(String address)
      Set up the network address of the Endpoint.
      address - String resource name
    • getAddress

      public String getAddress()
      Returns the stored address property for the endpoint. If no network address is available then null is returned.
    • setProtocol

      public void setProtocol(String protocol)
      Set up the protocol to use for this Endpoint
      protocol - String protocol name
    • getProtocol

      public String getProtocol()
      Returns the stored protocol property for the endpoint. If no protocol is available then null is returned.
    • setEncryptionMethod

      public void setEncryptionMethod(String encryptionMethod)
      Set up the encryption method used on this Endpoint.
      encryptionMethod - String name
    • getEncryptionMethod

      public String getEncryptionMethod()
      Returns the stored encryptionMethod property for the endpoint. This is an open type allowing the information needed to work with a specific encryption mechanism used by the endpoint to be defined. If no encryptionMethod property is available (typically because this is an unencrypted endpoint) then null is returned.
      encryption method information
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Standard toString method.
      toString in class Referenceable
      print out of variables in a JSON-style
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object objectToCompare)
      Compare the values of the supplied object with those stored in the current object.
      equals in class Referenceable
      objectToCompare - supplied object
      boolean result of comparison
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      Hash of properties
      hashCode in class Referenceable