Interface WatchDogEventInterface

All Known Implementing Classes:
GovernanceContextClient, GovernanceContextClient, GovernanceContextClientBase

public interface WatchDogEventInterface
WatchDogEventInterface defines the interface for receiving watchdog events.
  • Method Details

    • registerListener

      void registerListener(WatchdogGovernanceListener listener, List<WatchdogEventType> interestingEventTypes, List<String> interestingMetadataTypes, String specificInstance) throws InvalidParameterException
      Register a listener to receive events about changes to metadata elements in the open metadata store. There can be only one registered listener. If this method is called more than once, the new parameters replace the existing parameters. This means the watchdog governance action service can change the listener and the parameters that control the types of events received while it is running.

      The types of events passed to the listener are controlled by the combination of the interesting event types and the interesting metadata types. That is an event is only passed to the listener if it matches both the interesting event types and the interesting metadata types.

      If specific instance, interestingEventTypes or interestingMetadataTypes are null, it defaults to "any". If the listener parameter is null, no more events are passed to the listener.
      listener - listener object to receive events
      interestingEventTypes - types of events that should be passed to the listener
      interestingMetadataTypes - types of elements that are the subject of the interesting event types
      specificInstance - unique identifier of a specific instance to watch for
      InvalidParameterException - one or more of the type names are unrecognized
    • disconnectListener

      void disconnectListener()
      Unregister the listener from the event infrastructure.