Package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.governanceaction.client

package org.odpi.openmetadata.frameworks.governanceaction.client
  • Class
    The ActionControlInterface provides the methods used by governance services to initiate new automated actions.
    DuplicateManagementInterface defines methods that are used by governance services to manage duplicates in open metadata.
    GovernanceActionProcessInterface maintains Governance Action Processes and their Governance Action Process Steps.
    GovernanceActionTypeInterface maintains Governance Action Types.
    GovernanceCompletionInterface provides support for completing a governance service.
    GovernanceEngineConfiguration supports the configuration of governance engine and governance services.
    MetadataElementInterface provides an interface to the open metadata store.
    MultiLanguageInterface enables translations of the string properties of a metadata element to be created, maintained and retrieved.
    OpenMetadataClient provides access to metadata elements stored in the metadata repositories.
    OpenMetadataTypesInterface enables callers to query the defined open metadata types.
    StewardshipRequestInterface defines methods that are used to request help for a situation that the caller can not handle.
    ValidMetadataValuesInterface maintains valid value sets for the properties found in open metadata elements.
    WatchDogEventInterface defines the interface for receiving watchdog events.