public class OpenMetadataEntityDef extends OpenMetadataTypeDef
OpenMetadataEntityDef describes a type of entity in the metadata collection. It is the simplest OpenMetadataTypeDef that adds no other properties beyond OpenMetadataTypeDef.
  • Constructor Details

    • OpenMetadataEntityDef

      public OpenMetadataEntityDef()
      Minimal constructor initializes the superclass as an Entity
    • OpenMetadataEntityDef

      public OpenMetadataEntityDef(OpenMetadataTypeDefCategory category, String guid, String name, long version, String versionName)
      Typical constructor is passed the properties of the typedef's super class being constructed.
      category - category of this OpenMetadataTypeDef
      guid - unique id for the OpenMetadataTypeDef
      name - unique name for the OpenMetadataTypeDef
      version - active version number for the OpenMetadataTypeDef
      versionName - name for the active version of the OpenMetadataTypeDef
    • OpenMetadataEntityDef

      public OpenMetadataEntityDef(OpenMetadataEntityDef template)
      Copy/clone constructor copies the values from the supplied template.
      template - OpenMetadataEntityDef
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