Class ConnectedAssetRelatedAssetProperties

public class ConnectedAssetRelatedAssetProperties extends RelatedAssetProperties
RelatedAssetProperties is associated a related asset for a connector's EgeriaConnectedAssetProperties. Connectors provide access to assets. EgeriaConnectedAssetProperties returns properties (metadata) about the connector's asset. RelatedAssetProperties returns similar information for an asset related to the connected asset It is a generic interface for all types of open metadata assets. However, it assumes the asset's metadata model inherits from Asset (see model 0010 in Area 0). The EgeriaConnectedAssetProperties returns metadata about the asset at three levels of detail:
  • assetSummary - used for displaying details of the asset in summary lists or hover text
  • assetDetail - used to display all the information known about the asset with summaries of the relationships to other metadata entities
  • assetUniverse - used to define the broader context for the asset
RelatedAssetProperties is a base class for the connector's metadata API that returns null, for the asset's properties. Metadata repository implementations extend this class to add their implementation of the refresh() method that calls to the metadata repository to populate the metadata properties.
  • Constructor Details

    • ConnectedAssetRelatedAssetProperties

      public ConnectedAssetRelatedAssetProperties(RelatedAsset bean, String serviceName, String serverName, String userId, String platformURLRoot, String assetGUID, OCFRESTClient restClient)
      Typical constructor.
      bean - content for the superclass
      serviceName - calling service
      serverName - name of the server.
      userId - identifier of calling user
      platformURLRoot - url of server
      assetGUID - String unique id for connected asset.
      restClient - client to call REST API
    • ConnectedAssetRelatedAssetProperties

      public ConnectedAssetRelatedAssetProperties(ConnectedAssetRelatedAssetProperties template)
      Copy/clone constructor.
      template - template to copy.
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