Class OrganizationIntegratorContextManager


public class OrganizationIntegratorContextManager extends IntegrationContextManager
OrganizationIntegratorContextManager provides the bridge between the integration daemon services and the specific implementation of an integration service
  • Constructor Details

    • OrganizationIntegratorContextManager

      public OrganizationIntegratorContextManager()
      Default constructor
  • Method Details

    • initializeContextManager

      public void initializeContextManager(String partnerOMASServerName, String partnerOMASPlatformRootURL, String userId, String password, Map<String,Object> serviceOptions, int maxPageSize, AuditLog auditLog)
      Initialize server properties for the context manager.
      initializeContextManager in class IntegrationContextManager
      partnerOMASServerName - name of the server to connect to
      partnerOMASPlatformRootURL - the network address of the server running the OMAS REST services
      userId - caller's userId embedded in all HTTP requests
      password - caller's userId embedded in all HTTP requests
      serviceOptions - options from the integration service's configuration
      maxPageSize - maximum number of results that can be returned on a single REST call
      auditLog - logging destination
    • createClients

      public void createClients(int maxPageSize) throws InvalidParameterException
      Suggestion for subclass to create client(s) to partner OMAS.
      createClients in class IntegrationContextManager
      maxPageSize - maximum value allowed for page size
      InvalidParameterException - the subclass is not able to create one of its clients
    • setContext

      public IntegrationContext setContext(String connectorId, String connectorName, String connectorUserId, IntegrationConnector integrationConnector, String integrationConnectorGUID, PermittedSynchronization permittedSynchronization, boolean generateIntegrationReport, String metadataSourceQualifiedName) throws InvalidParameterException, UserNotAuthorizedException, PropertyServerException
      Set up the context in the supplied connector. This is called between initialize() and start() on the connector.
      setContext in class IntegrationContextManager
      connectorId - unique identifier of the connector (used to configure the event listener)
      connectorName - name of connector from config
      connectorUserId - userId for the connector
      integrationConnector - connector created from connection integration service configuration
      integrationConnectorGUID - unique identifier of the integration connector entity (only set if working with integration groups)
      permittedSynchronization - controls the direction(s) that metadata is allowed to flow
      generateIntegrationReport - should the connector generate an integration reports?
      metadataSourceQualifiedName - unique name of the software server capability that represents the metadata source.
      the new integration context
      InvalidParameterException - the connector is not of the correct type
      UserNotAuthorizedException - user not authorized to issue this request
      PropertyServerException - problem accessing the property server