Direct Known Subclasses:
EntityDetailDifferences, EntityProxyDifferences

public class EntitySummaryDifferences extends Differences
Capture the differences between EntitySummary objects. Within this object there are the following distinct areas for which differences are identified:
  • ClassificationDifferences - list the differences in classifications, irrespective of the ordering of the classifications.
  • Constructor Details

    • EntitySummaryDifferences

      public EntitySummaryDifferences()
  • Method Details

    • hasDifferences

      public boolean hasDifferences()
      Returns true if the two have any differences (are not equal), otherwise false.
      hasDifferences in class Differences
    • hasClassificationDifferences

      public boolean hasClassificationDifferences()
      Returns true if the two have any differences in their classifications, or false if the classifications are the same.
    • getClassificationDifferences

      public ClassificationDifferences getClassificationDifferences()
      Returns the differences between classifications of these instances, or null if there are either no classifications on the instance or the classifications are the same on both instances.
    • checkClassifications

      public void checkClassifications(EntitySummary left, EntitySummary right)
      Determine if there is any difference between the provided classifications, and capture either each of those differences or the similarity. Note that the differences will be calculated ignoring the order in which the classifications are listed for each side.
      left - the classifications from the first instance
      right - the classifications from the second instance