public class InstancePropertiesDifferences extends Differences
Capture the differences between instance properties. Just as in the Differences class from which this inherits, it captures the differences in instance properties in the following areas:
  • OnlyOnLeft - values that only appear on the 'left' object (the one from which differences were checked)
  • OnlyOnRight - values that only appear on the 'right' object (the one passed as an argument when differences were calculated
  • Names - the names of the properties that differ, including those from OnlyOnLeft, OnlyOnRight and where the property has a value on both sides but that value is different
  • Constructor Details

    • InstancePropertiesDifferences

      public InstancePropertiesDifferences()
      Construct a new set of differences between two sets of instance properties.
  • Method Details

    • check

      public void check(InstanceProperties left, InstanceProperties right)
      Determine if there is a difference between the provided instance properties' values, and capture each of the differences and similarities.
      left - the instance properties from the first instance
      right - the instance properties from the second instance