Class ConnectorTypeBuilder

public class ConnectorTypeBuilder extends ReferenceableBuilder
ConnectorTypeBuilder is able to build the properties for an ConnectorType entity from an ConnectorType bean.
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    • ConnectorTypeBuilder

      public ConnectorTypeBuilder(String qualifiedName, String displayName, String description, String supportedAssetTypeName, String expectedDataFormat, String connectorProviderClassName, String connectorFrameworkName, String connectorInterfaceLanguage, List<String> connectorInterfaces, String targetTechnologySource, String targetTechnologyName, List<String> targetTechnologyInterfaces, List<String> targetTechnologyVersions, List<String> recognizedAdditionalProperties, List<String> recognizedSecuredProperties, List<String> recognizedConfigurationProperties, Map<String,String> additionalProperties, String typeId, String typeName, Map<String,Object> extendedProperties, OMRSRepositoryHelper repositoryHelper, String serviceName, String serverName)
      Constructor supporting all properties.
      qualifiedName - unique name
      displayName - new value for the display name
      description - new description for the connector type
      supportedAssetTypeName - the type of asset that the connector implementation supports
      expectedDataFormat - the format of the data that the connector supports - null for "any"
      connectorProviderClassName - class name of the connector provider
      connectorFrameworkName - name of the connector framework that the connector implements - default Open Connector Framework (OCF)
      connectorInterfaceLanguage - the language that the connector is implemented in - default Java
      connectorInterfaces - list of interfaces that the connector supports
      targetTechnologySource - the organization that supplies the target technology that the connector implementation connects to
      targetTechnologyName - the name of the target technology that the connector implementation connects to
      targetTechnologyInterfaces - the names of the interfaces in the target technology that the connector calls
      targetTechnologyVersions - the versions of the target technology that the connector supports
      recognizedAdditionalProperties - property name for additionalProperties in a linked Connection object
      recognizedSecuredProperties - property name for securedProperties in a linked Connection object
      recognizedConfigurationProperties - property name for configurationProperties in a linked Connection object
      additionalProperties - additional properties
      typeId - unique identifier of the type for the connector type
      typeName - unique name of the type for the connector type
      extendedProperties - properties from the subtype
      repositoryHelper - helper methods
      serviceName - name of this OMAS
      serverName - name of local server
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