public class SchemaRequestBody extends OCFOMASAPIRequestBody
SchemaRequestBody carries the parameters for created a new schema to attach to an asset. A limited number of SchemaAttributes can accompany the SchemaType. If more SchemaAttributes are needed then use addSchemaAttributesToSchema() method.
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • SchemaRequestBody

      public SchemaRequestBody()
      Default constructor
    • SchemaRequestBody

      public SchemaRequestBody(SchemaRequestBody template)
      Copy/clone constructor
      template - object to copy
  • Method Details

    • getSchemaType

      public SchemaType getSchemaType()
      Return the type of owner stored in the owner property.
      AssetOwnerType enum
    • setSchemaType

      public void setSchemaType(SchemaType schemaType)
      Set up the owner type for this asset.
      schemaType - AssetOwnerType enum
    • getSchemaAttributes

      public List<SchemaAttribute> getSchemaAttributes()
      Return the names of the zones that this asset is a member of.
      list of zone names
    • setSchemaAttributes

      public void setSchemaAttributes(List<SchemaAttribute> schemaAttributes)
      Set up the names of the zones that this asset is a member of.
      schemaAttributes - list of zone names