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LocalOMRSMetadataCollection, OMRSDynamicTypeMetadataCollectionBase, OMRSFixedTypeMetadataCollectionBase

public abstract class OMRSMetadataCollectionBase extends OMRSMetadataCollection

OMRSMetadataInstanceStore is the common interface for working with the contents of a metadata repository. Within a metadata collection are the type definitions (TypeDefs) and metadata instances (Entities and Relationships). OMRSMetadataCollectionBase provides empty implementation of the abstract methods of OMRSMetadataInstanceStore. The methods on OMRSMetadataInstanceStore are in the following major groups:

  • Methods to retrieve information about the metadata repository - Used to retrieve or confirm the identity of the metadata repository
  • Methods for working with typedefs - Typedefs are used to define the type model for open metadata. The open metadata support had a comprehensive set of typedefs implemented, and these can be augmented by different vendors or applications. The typedefs can be queried, created, updated and deleted though the metadata collection.
  • Methods for querying Entities and Relationships - The metadata repository stores instances of the typedefs as metadata instances. Principally these are entities (nodes in the graph) and relationships (links between nodes). Both the entities and relationships can have properties. The entity may also have structured properties called structs and classifications attached. This second group of methods supports a range of queries to retrieve these instances.
  • Methods for maintaining the instances - The fourth group of methods supports the maintenance of the metadata instances. Each instance as a status (see InstanceStatus) that allows an instance to be proposed, drafted and approved before it becomes active. The instances can also be soft-deleted and restored or purged from the metadata collection.
  • Methods for repairing the metadata collections of the cohort - The fifth group of methods are for editing the control information of entities and relationships to manage changes in the cohort. These methods are advanced methods and are rarely used.
  • Methods for local maintenance of a metadata collection The final group of methods are for removing reference copies of the metadata instances. These updates are not broadcast to the rest of the Cohort as events.