Class MetadataCollectionServicesClient

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Direct Known Subclasses:
EnterpriseRepositoryServicesClient, LocalRepositoryServicesClient

public abstract class MetadataCollectionServicesClient extends Object implements AuditLoggingComponent
The MetadataCollectionServicesClient represents a remote metadata repository that supports the OMRS Repository REST API. Requests to this metadata collection are translated one-for-one to requests to the remote repository since the OMRS REST API has a one-to-one correspondence with the metadata collection. The URLs for the REST APIs are of this form:
  • restURLroot - serverURLroot + "/servers/" + serverName
  • rootServiceNameInURL - "/open-metadata/repository-services"
  • userIdInURL - optional - "/users/{0}"
  • serviceURLMarker - "/" for local repository services and "/enterprise/" for enterprise repository services
  • operationSpecificURL - operation specific part of the URL