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Task building egeria in intellij

Building Egeria in IntelliJ IDEA

Maven is accessed from a sidebar menu in IntelliJ.

Maven Sidebar

When you click on the Maven label, a panel opens with the list of modules in Egeria is displayed.

Maven Modules

To build the whole project, select the M button at the top of the maven panel.

Maven build opens

Then a dialog box opens. Enter mvn clean install.

Maven build command

Then the build kicks off.

The full build can take about 15 minutes. It is worth doing a full build before committing a change. However it is also possible to build a single module.

Goto the maven sidebar panel and find the module you are interested in. Open up the content for the module and then the lifecycle folder.

Maven module options

Double-click on install and the build of that module starts.

Using maven rather than using the IntelliJ build?

While you are working on code in IntelliJ, it will be continuously rebuilding your code so that it is discovering syntax other coding errors as you type. This is useful in getting a first pass of your code.

However, IntelliJ does not understand the egeria structure - only Maven does, so the Maven build is important to to verify your changes are OK at the project level.

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