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0601 Open Discovery Engines and Services

An open discovery engine executes open discovery services on request.

The OpenDiscoveryEngine entity creates a description of an instance of these types of engines. It is represented as a special type GovernanceEngine when it is documented in metadata.

Open discovery services are pluggable components that analyse data sources and document the results.

The OpenDiscoveryService entity describes an implementation of an open discovery service. This implementation is an OCF Connector so the OpenDiscoveryService is linked with a DiscoveryServiceImplementation relationship to a Connection entity that defines how to create an instance of the open discovery service.

A description of an open discovery service is linked with a SupportedGovernanceService relationship to the description of an OpenDiscoveryEngine to indicate that the discovery engine supports the open discovery service.

Open discovery pipelines are specialized open discovery services that execute multiple open discovery services in a single run.

The OpenDiscoveryPipeline describes an open discovery pipeline. It is typically linked to a VirtualConnection with the connections of the open discovery services embedded within it.


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