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0115 Teams


A team is a group of people who are working to a common goal. This is recorded in the Team entity which is an extension of 'ActorProfile'.

TeamLeadership and TeamMembership

The responsibilities of a team are divided into roles described by 'PersonRole'. This in turn links to the people or person appointed to fulfil the role. The TeamLeadership and TeamMembership relationships link the team to its roles and allow a distinction to be made between the leaders and members of the team. A team can have multiple leadership and membership roles.



TeamLeader and TeamMember

TeamLeader and TeamMember extend from 'PersonRole'. They provide a base type to distinguish between roles that are leadership roles and those which are not.

Organization is the top-level team of an organization.

Long-standing teams are often responsible for particular business capabilities. Team can also be linked to projects.

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